"Where learning and growth are a two-way street. We champion the philosophy of 'We Teach, You Learn; You Teach, We Learn.' Dive into a partnership where mutual growth is the core, and every challenge becomes an opportunity. Let's innovate, evolve, and thrive together."

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Dr. Jacqueline Frierson, PMP

Leading the Way in Education and Leadership Development

Dr. Jacqueline Frierson’s career in education has evolved from a foundational role as a middle and high school teacher to leadership positions that shaped educational quality across various states. Her work has significantly included school improvement initiatives, staff development, and data-driven teaching methods, always underpinned by strong community ties.

Her academic prowess is marked by a Doctorate in Education and innovative contributions to faculty at the University of Maryland University College and Morgan State University. Notably, she initiated the online Resident Teacher Certification Program, showcasing her cutting-edge educational strategies.

Currently, as CEO of The Frierson Group, Dr. Frierson leads with a promise of surpassing expectations. The firm is dedicated to leadership development, coaching, and project management, reflecting her commitment to excellence. Her recent achievements with the Baltimore Means Business Cohort highlight her continuous drive to impact the community positively. Dr. Frierson’s role as an educator, professional developer, and nationally recognized coach and trainer, along with her PMP certification, cements her as a paragon of educational excellence and leadership.

Frierson Group Capabilities

Core Competencies

  • Expertise in Educational Leadership
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certified
  • Innovative Program Development
  • Strategic Community Engagement
  • Commitment to Educational Excellence


  • Real-world education sector experience.
  • Hands-on, adaptive project management.
  • Proven community-based initiative leadership.
  • Effective professional development facilitation.
  • Innovative online program development skills.

Past Performance

  • Researched volunteer strategies at Baltimore City College High School.
  • Mentored teachers at Matthew A. Henson Elementary School.
  • Co-facilitated Professional Learning Institute with Virginia Tech, USDA, and DoDEA.
  • Presented at the Excellence and Equity in Education Conference in Prince William County, VA.
  • Led professional development at Saing Ignatius Loyola Academy, Baltimore.
  • Partnered for professional development with the Southwest Partnership of Baltimore.
Our Commitment

The Why for Us

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Empowering Businesses, Enhancing Potential. At Frierson Group, we collaborate with individuals and enterprises, amplifying their existing strengths and capabilities.

A Mutual Journey of Growth. Our philosophy is simple yet profound: "I teach, you learn; you teach, I learn." It’s a reciprocal relationship where knowledge and insights are continuously exchanged.

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Commitment to Excellence. At the heart of Frierson Group lies our dedication to quality service. We prioritize active listening, ensuring we fully understand and cater to our clients' unique needs.

Collaborative Growth Partnerships. We don’t just offer services; we form alliances. By partnering with diverse groups, we collectively strive to unlock unprecedented levels of growth and achievement.

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Implement Solutions & Achieve Goals.

Our Team

In the world of business, our team of expert's is our company's unmatched strength.

In today's competitive business landscape, many factors contribute to a company's success. However, for us, the standout element is undeniably our team of experts. Their expertise and dedication position our company at the forefront, making them our core strength and most valuable asset.


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